We need Scripture pouring into our souls daily, especially the Psalms.  How often this week have you noticed that your soul was downcast?  Or how many friends have you talked to who are in despair over some heartache?  This morning in my prayer time I was reminded of the renewing words in Psalm 30.  I’d like to point out one perspective on how it works to restore our soul, here.

First, look at the words expressing the downcast state:

v.1 “foes rejoice over me”

v.2 cry to be “healed”

v.3 “the pit”

v.5 “weeping”

v.7 “dismayed”

v.9 “my death”

v.11 “my mourning”

v.11 “my sackcloth”

If you recall the many stories of David’s affliction recorded in 1 & 2 Samuel it is easy to imagine he being in such a downcast state.  Likely, most of us have never had our lives and families threatened so many times including by our own child.  But just ponder the things weighing on your mind in recent weeks that have made you feel that you are in a “pit” or have “foes” that cause “mourning” or have some need to be “healed.”  We need to pray the words of this psalm along with David and find the same renewal that he found.

Next, look at the words that express God restoring David’s joy:

v.1 “You have drawn me up”

v.2 “You have healed me”

v.3 “You have brought up my soul from sheol (the grave)”

v.3 “You restored me to life”

v.5 “His favor is for a lifetime”

v.5 “but joy comes with the morning”

v.7 “You made my mountain stand strong”

v.11 “You turned my mourning into dancing”

v.11 “You clothed me with gladness”

This is the restoring power of communion with God.  Meditating on His grace shown to us in Jesus and our adoption to Him now as His heirs gives us a firm grip on the knowledge that we are His forever.  He will defeat any enemy.  He satisfies in ways earthly satisfaction cannot compare.

If you are in some sadness at the moment, go spend some time praying the words of this psalm.  Or if a friend is in the sadness go spend some time with them and talk them through these healing words.