God has called you to grow to full maturity as a disciple of Jesus.  What is your next step?  Likely you will be helped greatly by one of these Next STEPS Classes coming up at Koinos.

Grow in your prayer life – Why We Pray taught by Byron Welsh.

Get ready to go on a mission trip – Preparing for Missions taught by John Hickman.

Learn to interpret the Bible better – Biblical Theology taught by Johnathan Newman.

Every born again believer has that tug on their heart, God calling them.  He’s calling us all to “grow up in all aspects” to full maturity “to the fullness of Christ.”  This growth does not happen automatically without effort on your part.  But as you see a way you need to grow and take steps in that direction you will see God increasing your growth and making you of great use in building His kingdom.

Get signed up this week for one of these classes, all starting July 19, 9-10am on Sunday mornings.

The classes above cover a wide range in ways to grow. More description will follow in upcoming days but here’s a brief summary.

Why We Pray will take you through the book Why We Pray by William Phillip (100 pages) and will help you grow in joy and desire for praying.

Preparing for Missions is a required class for anyone going on a Koinos mission trip.  Pastor John Hickman will guide you through all the learning you’ll need to go and contribute as a meaningful part of the team.

Biblical Theology will help you have confidence interpreting and explaining the Bible by guiding you to see God’s purposes for putting each text in the Bible’s big story.  Those who want to teach others (especially children’s teachers) better will love this class.