Worship Testimony And Milk Cows – What?

//Worship Testimony And Milk Cows – What?

Worship Testimony And Milk Cows – What?

Personal testimonies in corporate worship are so awesome.  One of our faithful brothers, David, did one this past Sunday about God’s work in his life in the area of joyful giving.  His story deserves that we point it out to everyone so they can be sure to listen.  Very grace centered, very encouraging, and very real; David’s story points us to Jesus.  And it was quite funny too!

So I’ve been preaching through Leviticus and have focused on what it says about giving to those in need.  David’s story tells about how God has radically changed him from a hard-working man who thinks his hard-earned money is all for him into a gospel-centered man who now knows everything he is, is a gift of God’s grace.  He’s a dairy farmer so the ways he ends up giving to God and others looks really different from the way it might look for the rest of city-slickers!  We all have alot to learn from this brother, and from grace!

The good news is you can give to our church online via the website.  The bad news is it doesn’t accept cows!

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