Wow, Look At What God Is Doing Among Us!

//Wow, Look At What God Is Doing Among Us!

Wow, Look At What God Is Doing Among Us!

Many people are praying for God’s help for our heroin problem in Miami County.  And He is answering!

God has provided literally hundreds of people and over twenty thousand dollars to help address the problem of heroin use in our community.  I have never witnessed this level of partnership among people in the community to come together and help address a need.

I was asked to head up the team to do outreach inviting people to attend the Hope Over Heroin event, July 8-9, and it’s been amazing to watch.  Originally our goal was to recruit 20 lieutenants who will lead a team to reach a neighborhood.  That goal has been far surpassed.  There will be more than 45 teams going out to invite neighborhoods.

Koinos Church Family, THANK YOU for your readiness to step up and serve when needed.  You guys are awesome.  I love your servant heart.  That gives much glory to Jesus!!

Let’s all give Him thanks for His provisions.  And let’s continue to pray for the recovery of wrecked lives through the love of Jesus Christ.



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